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Plumb Honest is committed to doing things right and doing right by our customers.
Accountability for services performed is what this company is built on. We stand behind everything we do and always will.
When you are given a price by the owner, you can write your check right then and there if you wish because it will not change. Plumb Honest is exactly what the name implies. There is no;" Oh by the way" or "I forgot to mention" or "Before taxes". The price given is the price.

Patriotism, Honesty, Accountability, Integrity, and strength of Character are hallmarks of Plumb Honest personnel. If we would not have them in our house, they won't be in your house.

Available Monday through Saturday.

At Plumb Honest, Inc. we are:

Call us at 850-Plumber
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Devoted to Handicapped / Senior Citizens, Single Parents and Military

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